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Game Day Prizes


TITANS 50-50 Raffle

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Match Day Doubles Numbers


Round 14: Titans v Warriors        

  • Home - 6
  • Away - 12


Round 11: Titans v Sea Eagles        

  • Home - 7
  • Away - 5


Round 9: Titans v Knights

  • Home - 1
  • Away - 12


Round 5: Titans v Raiders          

  • Home - 2
  • Away - 5


Round 4: Titans v Cowboys

  • Home - 3
  • Away - 7


Round 3: Titans v Eels

  • Home - 12
  • Away - 6


Round 1: Titans v Roosters

  • Home - 2
  • Away - 6

Match Day Doubles Terms & Conditions

How to play

  • Purchase a Titans Doubles Ticket before kick off of the NRL match – tickets will not be sold after the start of the NRL match
  • Patrons can purchase more than one Double Ticket
  • There are 2 Doubles Ticket options to purchase:

                                                                               · A $2 Doubles Ticket gives the chance of winning $200

                                                                               · A $5 Doubles Ticket gives the chance of winning $500

  • Lift the flap on the Doubles Ticket to reveal the two numbers ranging from 1 to 13
  • The number printed underneath HOMESIDE represents the first TRY SCORER for the Titans
  • The number printed underneath OPPOSITION represents the first TRY SCORER for the opposition
  • If both of the first try scorers of the NRL match are the same as what is printed on the Doubles Ticket – it is a winning ticket!
  • Winning Doubles Ticket holders can collect their prize at GATE B or beside the merchandise store at GATE D at half time or full time of the NRL game
  • If winning Doubles Ticket holders are unable to collect their prize on game day they need to contact the Titans office on 07 5656 5650 within 2 business days to arrange collection
  • Titans Doubles Tickets are only valid for the NRL match on the day the ticket is purchased

Please note:

  • If a team does not score a try during the match, the winning number for that team automatically becomes number 9
  • If the number of the first try scorer for a team is NOT a number ranging from 1 to 13, the winning number will be that of the player that was replaced. All player replacements are confirmed with the NRL Ground Manager.
  • Eg. If number 14 replaces number 10 on the field and then scores the first try for their team, then the winning number for that team will be number 10
  • Winning numbers are always based on the number on the players jersey, NOT the position the player is playing at the time of scoring
  • Eg. If number 16 starts the game in replace of number 7, he will be number 7 regardless of the position he plays throughout the game