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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Payments

Payments made by credit card, bank, personal/company cheque or money order will be banked immediately on receipt. Allocation of seats will be to the stipulated timetable. Any difference in payment amount between requested order and what is ultimately allocated will be dealt with at time of seat allocation.

2. Dishonoured Credit Card Payments

If a credit card payment is declined by the bank, the member will be contacted to arrange an alternate form of payment. If the further payment option is not successful the order will be removed from the seating allocation queue and referred to the Titans Partnership Manager.

3. Dishonoured Cheque Payments

If a cheque is dishonoured, the member will be contacted to arrange an alternate form of payment. All dishonoured cheques will incur an immediate fee of $20, as these fees are automatically applied by the bank. If a subsequent payment option is not successful, the order will be removed from the seating allocation queue and referred to the Titans Partnership Manager.

4. Paying by installments

Palladium and Club Lounge members choosing to pay by installments will do so by the member entering into an agreement with Gold Coast Titans. Members who choose to pay by installments will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of their agreement with pay way. Cancellation fees and missed payment fees also apply and will be charged for every missed payment.

5. Cancellation of a Membership order

Members may apply to the Club to have the unused portion of their membership cancelled. Any application for cancellation must be accompanied by a written explanation of the circumstances which the member considers merit cancellation of the membership. The Club reserves to itself the right in its absolute discretion to agree or not agree to cancel a membership following a request to agree or not agree to cancel a membership following a request by a member. Members who are permitted to cancel their membership will incur a $20 cancellation fee per membership, regardless of the time at which the membership was cancelled. If a membership is cancelled a member will be charged for seating for games occurring prior to cancellation. The amount charged will be at the per game rate of the respective corporate category. The cost will be deducted from any amount refunded to the member for the unused portion of the membership. The $20 cancellation fee will also apply in these instances.

6. The Titans reserve the right to suspend/cancel a membership of any member who behaves in a manner that is deemed to be inappropriate. Members must always remain mindful of those around them and immediately report anything deemed to be inappropriate to the stand manager at the top of the iasle on game day so that the matter can be dealt with immediately or members can call or SMS Venue assist on 0427 002 699. The Titans have the right to decide what is considered to be inappropriate conduct in its role and unfettered discretion. The member has no right to object to appeal against any decision made by the Titans to suspend or cancel a membership as a consequence of acting in a manner the Titans consider is inappropriate. All members are expected to uphold the Titans Member Code of Conduct and failure to comply can result in immeditae cancellation of the membership. In circumstances where membership is suspended or cancelled for inappropriate conduct the member will not be entitled to a refund for any unused portion of the membership entitlements

7. Members should be aware that there is legislation in Queensland relating to the resale of tickets at Cbus Super stadium and breach of these laws may attract criminal penalties

8. All members must take responsibility for updating all personal details, to allow effective communication between parties. The Titans hold no responsibility for a member's failure to update their personal details. To update your personal details please call the Partnership Manager on (07) 5656 5650

9. Any user of the meber's membership rights is also bound by the terms and conditions of the membership and the member is obliged to inform such persons of these terms and conditions

10. As a Titans members you have the opportunity to be provided with promotional offers from our sponsors. However, if you would prefer not to receive marketing/promotional material please contact us on (07) 5656 5650 yo have your details removed from all future marketing and promotional databases

11. The products and services offered in any sponsor material are not offered by the Titans. The Titans do not accept liability for any product or service referred to in such material, and to the widest extent possible at law excludes all liability with respect to the products and services

12. You consent to the Titans providing personal information you have provided to the TitansĀ (excluding any details related to methods of payment) to our sponsors for the purpose of our sponsors providing you with details of offers that may be of interest to you.

Your privacy is important to the Titans and the National Rugby League and we have procedures in place to ensure that personal information remains confidential. The Titans are mindful that member's personal details are private and as such, we will only disclose member's information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Any information we disclose about a membership account can only be with a Primary Account Holder. If a Secondary Account Holder wishes to become a Primary Account Holder, the existing Primary Account Holder must submit written confirmation to release them. Members may access their private information held on the club database by contacting (07) 5656 5650. Members have the right at any time to refuse to receive marketing material. A copy of the Titans Privacy Policy explaining the way a member's information is collected, held and disclosed is available on our website at or can be obtained by contacting the (07) 5656 5650.

13. All corporate memberships are subject to the terms of entry of Cbus Super Stadium. Please visit for full details.

14. All memberships are subject to the terms of ticket sale from Ticketek. Please visit for full details.

15. All details outlined in the Frequently Asked Questions also form part of the Terms and Conditions

16. The Titans reserve the right to itself to amend these terms and conditions and may be reasonable necessary from time to time.

17. All material printed within the membership brochure or Renewal Form is included in the Terms and Conditions of sale.

18. The term life and lifetime refers to the period for which the Titans are granted to compete on the National Rugby League competition and have a home venue at which to play.