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Footy fever won’t officially hit Robina Stadium for another six weeks but the venue will be turned into a sea of colour on Saturday as it plays host to the inaugural Titans Corporate Touch Day and the Gold Coast Junior Rugby League (GCJRL) Sign-on day.

In a unique initiative, the Titans Corporate Touch Day will see iSelect Titans NRL stars playing for various corporate touch football teams in a round-robin style tournament, while the GCJRL Sign-on day will provide youngsters with a rare opportunity to run onto the Robina Stadium turf for the first time in history.

Gold Coast Junior Rugby League players will also have the chance to take part in NRL coaching clinics on the main field, receive tours of the Titans dressing sheds as well as meet their Titans heroes in an exciting build-up to the start of the 2014 season.

iSelect Gold Coast Titans Co-Captains Nate Myles and Greg Bird today handed out some pointers to a group of junior rugby league players and social touch football participants ahead of this weekend’s footy extravaganza at the venue.

Myles is a proud ambassador for GCJRL club Burleigh Bears, while Bird is an ambassador for Runaway Bay JRL.

“I think it’s a great idea to have the Junior Sign-on day along with the Corporate Touch Day, hopefully it’ll be a good turnout and a positive move,’ said Myles.

"I probably don't get down to Burleigh Bears training as much as I should, I try and get down there a bit but its a fantastic club and I know the Titans do a lot of great stuff in the community.''

Bird said an elbow injury he had surgery on during the off-season would not prevent him from taking part in the Titans Corporate Touch Day.

“I can’t probably use the elbow injury as an excuse to get out of a game of touch,’’ joked Bird.

“I’m probably not the quickest and probably won’t be the biggest asset to the teams that will be out here on Saturday but it should be a good fun day.’’

The pair have recently returned to pre-season training with the Titans after taking part in Australia’s successful Rugby League World Cup campaign to finish off the 2013 season.

The Titans Corporate Touch Day has already sold out, with a total of 16 corporate teams - featuring one Titans player as team captain - competing for the honour of playing in the grand final at a Titans home game at Robina Stadium.

All proceeds made from the entry fees for the Corporate Touch Day go back to Titans 4 Tomorrow community programs and Junior Rugby League development program.

More information can be found on both at or