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Albert Kelly of the Titans during day one of the Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines rugby league tournament at Eden Park in Auckland on 15 February 2014. Photo:

11:00: First minute, Tigers get the ball from the kick off.

11:01: 1st minute: Sironen 30 metre bust but Titans recover.

11:02: 2nd minute: Albert Kelly intercept, but dragged down ten metres out. Titans now on the attack.

11:02: 2nd minute: Penalty to Titans .

11:02: 3rd minute: Kelly grubber, cleaned up by Tedesco. Tigers off the hook.

11:03: 3rd minute:  Pat Richards almost over after a Cory Paterson bust, but Titans recover again!  

11:04: 4th minute:  TRY TITANS! Kevin Gordon over in the left corner, and what about that haircut?  

11:05: 4th minute:  Greg Bird's attempt from the left sideline is a shocker! Titans lead 4-0.  

11:06: 6th minute:  Titans regain possession from kick off, that was an innovative play!  

11:06: 6th minute:  Paul Carter try from dummy half! Instant impact.  

11:07: 6th minute: Brad Tighe misses conversion attempt. Titans lead 8-0.  

11:08: 7th minute:  Try David Mead in the left corner, after great burst by Brad Tighe on the right.  

11:08: Poor handling costing the Tigers field possession here in the first half.  

11:09: 8th minute: Titans lead 12-0 after the third conversion was missed again.  

11:10: 9th minute:  Last play of the first half ends with the Tigers finally in the Titans half.  

11:10: Titans totally dominant, leading 12-0 at the break.  

11:10: Titans showing innovation and pace, Tigers struggling to make in-roads due to poor handling. Long way back for them.  

11:13: 10th minute:  And we're under way in the second half, Titans have the ball.  

11:15:11th minute:  Tedesco bonus try! 70m try from deep in his own half. What speed! Richards converts but Tigers still down 12-7.  

11:15: 12th minute:  Dave Taylor gets up gingerly from a tackle, but Titans have gotten two penalties and are on the attack once again.  

11:17: 14th minute:  How clever was that kick-off? Titans get the ball back after finding touch.  

11:18: 14th minute:  We take that back. Dave Taylor didn't come off, but now he's injured in a tackle. He's still on the park, but big concerns for the big man.  

11:18: 15th minute:  Faifai Loa over in the left corner after a Will Zillman flick pass. How good was that?  

11:19: Did you like that Usain Bolt-like celebration from the big winger?  

11:19: 15th minute:  Titans conversion unsuccessful, but the Titans are cruising at 22-7.  

11:21: 18th minute:  Titans on the attack to finish off the game. Both teams are now tiring.  

11:21: 18th minute:  Maurice Blair turns the ball over centimetres from the line. That will be all she wrote.

11:22: Titans take this one quite easily. Gold Coast 22, Tigers 7.