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There is no one more passionate about cricket in the Titans organisation than Indian-born functions assistant Reejo Jose.

So when he was invited to attend the opening day-night match between his beloved Indians and the Australians at the Gabba with coach Neil Henry, head of performance Matt Ford and players Greg Bird, Daniel Mortimer, William Zillman, Jed Cartwright, Morgan Boyle and Shane Wright, he couldn’t have been happier.

His mood was even better when he was invited into the Channel 9 and ABC radio broadcast boxes go meet media celebrities and former Test players.

Carried away with his optimism, Reejo accepted a bet with Ford and Bird over the result of the game: if India won Bird would wear their cricket short for a week and Ford would take over Reejo’s cooking duties at the Australia Day team barbeque.

However, if his team went down … he would have to wear an Australian cricket shirt for a week, and take a barrage of digging from the entire football department.

After Australia convincingly won the first match, Ford and Bird gave Reejo an out … if the Indians won the second match, the bet was off.

After three straight losses, Reejo couldn’t delay his fate any longer and is now in all his ‘glory’ in yellow as from yesterday through to next Wednesday.

And he has taken his medicine with dignity!