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Ash Taylor had the worst possible preparation for last night's match - stuck behind a motorway accident and having to catch the train.

Traffic was stacked up for 25km going south on the M1 because of a four-car accident and after sitting in his car for two hours after deciding to head down early, Ash was fortunate to be able to get off the motorway and had to atch a train to the match - ariving about 75 minutes before kick-off.

"I had to sit in traffic for about two hours and had to get off at the Ormeau exit and get the train down," he said. He actually sat conversing with a couple of Titans fans going to the match.

"I got here about quarter to six. I was stressing, it's not very good preparation. I just said down and got a bit of physio, and sat back a bit ,and didn't think about the game too much for a while then talked to everyone a lot more and was able to switch on."

He was happy with the first half and the three tries that came from set plays butr admitted the team had to execute better in the second half against a Canebrra side next Sunday who sit one point above the Titans on the ladder.

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