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Karl Lawton spoke to the media today about the terrible luck of suffering a long term injury - and a special text message from a Warriors legend.

The 20-year-old utility was able to smile today about his bad fortune and revealed he'd had practice at recovering from a long-term injury, having broken his elbow previously.

He spoke about the emotional moment of receiving his jersey pre-match from his parents and the delight of at least making his NRL debut.

"It was a dream come true; mum and dad came and presented me with the jersey," he said. "I got a bit emotional, it was worth a million dollars to me.

"My dream was to play one game of NRL and I accomplished that, so at least I did it [the injury] doing something I'd done.

"... [the injury] has just fuelled the fire."

Karl also revealed that he received a message of support from Warriors ace halfback Shaun Johnson who suffered a bad broken leg just under 12 months.

"I thought it was the best thing in the world ... a true show of character," he said of the contact from Johnson.

Watch the entire interview.