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Next in our series Away From The Game is Chris McQueen, he lists the four things he most likes to do away from footy. And no, he didn't list the tattoo parlour!

Playing XBOX

It’s relaxing, it's something that I can do that doesn't take too much energy compared to being on the footy field. I can just sit in front of the TV, relax, recover and just switch off I guess.

Walking his dogs

I've got two dogs and they take a fair bit of maintenance. They like being walked, so walking the dogs and playing with them is something I spend quite a lot of my down time doing. They're full of energy so it's a good contrast to sitting down doing nothing playing on the xbox.

Spending time with family

I have quite a few friends and family up in Brisbane. Mum lives up there so I try to travel up there whenever I get a couple of days off and spend some quality time with her. It definitely helps take my mind off footy and get away from things for a while.


I have a wide collection of shoes, so I really enjoy my shopping too!