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Halfback Kane Elgey has returned from the Christmas break fresh and ready to pick up the pace as the season fast approaches. 

The 22-year-old was excited but nervous about the start to 2017. 

"It's a bit daunting today as it was this day last year that I did my knee but I'll get out there, I'm excited," he said. 

"The knee is back to normal now. That's all in the past and I need to get back into it."

After missing the entire 2016 season, the local junior is just keen to keep pushing towards the season start and getting the ball back in his hands. 

"It's more footy-related now afte Christmas, so it's a good time of year. 

"We'll do some more game-related stuff and we'll work more on our combinations."

When asked what his hopes were for 2017, the answer was simple. 

"I just want to get back on the field and earn my spot back. It's a work in progress but I'm excited about it all."

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