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With the season now complete, it's time for the players to rest up, recuperate, have a break and come back refreshed, ready for 2018 preparations. 

We caught up with a number of players to see what they would be getting up to over the break:

Ryan James: I'm going to New Zealand and will take Mum over as well to babysit. Got a couple of weddings to go to as well which will be good. 

Ash Taylor: Going to Phuket for a week. I'll head over there to relax for a bit. Went to Bali last year so just going to keep ticking them off. 

Morgan Boyle: I'll head home for a few days (Bega) and then I'm going over to the Phillipines as well. 

Karl Lawton: Actually off to America for about three weeks. Going over with my brother, a bit of a boys trip and will cut loose a little bit. 

Dale Copley: I'm getting married in October and then headed to the south island of New Zealand for 10 or 11 days after. 

Keegan Hipgrave: I'm not up to much, I'll just stay local mostly and might go down the coast a bit and do a bit of surfing. 

Dan Sarginson: I'm going over to Asia and will jump around a bit for a few weeks. I might go and see my Dad in New Zealand as well but that's about it. 

Anthony Don: I'm going to go to Bali for eight days with the wife and then have a few weddings in NSW that we'll go to as well.

Joe Greenwood: I'll head home (UK) for a few weeks and see fmaily and friends, seeing as though I haven't seen them since February.