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Reflecting on season 2018 you can see there were many ups and downs but speak with Coach Garth Brennan and he believes the roller coaster we all went on will only make this club and team stronger in the future.

With only eight wins recorded and 16 losses, Brennan believes there were matches his side should have won and some that really hurt but also admits there were a couple his troops simply didn't turn up to the contest.

"We had some heartbreaking losses through the year there is no doubt about that," Brennan said.

"I actually thought that there were a few games that we were the better team and didn't get the win."

The Newcastle-born Coach has just completed his first year as an NRL Coach and has survived to tell the tale, with a large support network, partnered with his passion for the role, he is continuing to learn about what it takes at the top level.

"I've got a good support network around me. My wife, my kids and my mum and dad are my rock.

"After a loss I do it pretty tough and I've always said after a win you have 24 hours to celebrate but after a loss, that stays with you all week.

"Personally it was a bit of a roller coaster. We had some tough losses but we also had some great wins.

"It's certainly a juggling act (the job) and I've got to be a bit better with my time management. I love speaking to the community and the members, t's something I'm passionate about. I love hearing from them and love the connection we have here at the Titans with the members and fans."

And what  can he can see in the future.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve, I'm honest with my players and the media. I'm passionate about it and I'm very determined to make this club succeed, however long it takes."