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Titans young gun AJ Brimson is already feeling the pressure to perform – but this time it is with the frying pan cooking up pancakes for schoolies on the Gold Coast, rather than in the fire of pre-season training with the Titans.

Brimson and Titans rookie Kea Pere were representing the Club at Schoolies in support of Titans partners DrinkWise and the Red Frogs organisation, who are working together to promote responsible drinking and ensuring a safe environment for the celebrating graduates of 2019.

Brimson and Pere were helping to distribute red frogs, 1000 bottles of water and manning a pancake cooking station, while delivering the message of staying in control while still enjoying end-of-school celebrations.

Taking a break from pre-season training in blistering conditions at Parkwood, Brimson said he was happy to help spread the message about responsible drinking – not too many years after he was part of the celebrations himself.

“We’ve been giving out some pancakes, waters and red frogs to the schoolies today,” Brimson said. “Hopefully I can cook some decent ones.

 “It is pretty easy to get peer pressured these days into trying to get the most drunk and trying to be cool and all that.

“You can drink and have fun, but don’t do it irresponsibly, and look after your mates.

“You know what can happen here. There are a lot of bad stories that can come out of Schoolies if you don’t do it well.

“You want to make it an enjoyable one that isn’t a bad memory for you.”

Andy Gourley, the National Co-ordinator of Red Frogs Australia, said the support of the Titans was helping to drive a positive message about responsible drinking.

“Having Red Frogs on the Gold Coast, and to have the Titans come out from the Gold Coast is just sensational,” he said.

“We really appreciate the back-up from the Titans, they are doing such a great job.”

DrinkWise has partnered with the Gold Coast Titans to promote responsible attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol consumption among players and fans.

The Gold Coast Titans are the first and only NRL club to be supported by DrinkWise as a sponsorship partner in what truly is a league-leading initiative.