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A win the perfect gift for Holbrook ahead of Father's Day

Ask an NRL Coach what they want for Father’s Day and the answer is easy.

“A win this weekend would be a nice present,” Justin Holbrook says, speaking before the Titans Round 17 game against the Bulldogs.

The Gold Coast Coach will fly back from Sydney in time to spend Father’s Day with his four boys.

Justin’s wife Nat says that their boys, Harvey (10), Fletcher (8) and twins Deejay and Bodhi (6) have a big day planned with their dad.

“The boys have bought presents for him from their school Father’s Day stall so he will be showered with those gifts and then it will be like any day - isn’t it always Father’s Day!”, Nat jokes.

She says there is a fair chance that there will be some sort of sport happening, with the boys often joining their dad for video reviews post a Titans win.

“The boys love the footy,” Nat says.

“They love the wins and they will sit and re-watch the game with him.

“They just love playing games with him, from kicking the footy, to playing ninja turtles or backyard cricket.

“If dad is home – the games are on”.

Nat says while Justin is a great coach, he is an even better dad.

“He always has time for his kids.

“He makes them laugh all the time.

“He supports them and is always proud of them.”