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Titans Head of Performance Klint Hoare says the attitude and application of the playing group is driving the standards this pre-season.

The full Gold Coast squad (minus Origin players AJ Brimson, Moeaki Fotuaika, Phillip Sami and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui) has returned to pre-season training, with the pre-Christmas period vital in what is a shortened pre-season.

"The team is performing really well," Hoare said.

“I’m not going to single anyone out."

Senior squad members including Kevin Proctor, Tyrone Peachey, Anthony Don, Jarrod Wallace, Mitch Rein, Jonus Pearson and Sam Lisone have all returned to the training field this week.

“We’ve got a staircase approach to our pre-season block," Hoare said.

 "We’ve got three different groups coming in.

"We’ve had the junior Titans kids in week one, we moved into the Train and Trial players in week two.

"The returning NRL group, we had a group come in last Monday and then this Monday we’ve had all the big dogs in so it’s been great.

“The senior blokes that have come in, it just takes it to a whole new level of professionalism and the intensity you can see on the training pitch has increased as well.

“Pre-christmas as we get them back, we are trying to build some combinations with all of our skills work that the coaches are doing.

“In essence for me, in the performance side of things, we’re trying to build some good max strength in the gym and looking at some introduction to power.

“Out on the field, we are just building up miles in the legs and trying to build up that aerobic power.

“We’ve seen some really good results on our entry tests, but as the weeks have gone by we are starting to build that element of our fitness."

Hoare says the players have immediately applied themselves to the challenge of building for the 2021 campaign.

“The attitude and the application towards training (has been great), but the big thing for us that we’re driving as a coaching staff is our preparation.

“This year we’ve seen a real change in how they’re preparing for training in regards hydration, eating before training, post training and their intake and just their mindset and that’s key in sport."