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Jamal Fogarty has two obvious goals for 2021.

The first: "I want to make the number 7 my jersey," he says.

The second: "As a team we want to make top eight, we want to play finals so that is definitely the big one.

On the individual side of things, Fogarty says he is keen to grow his game after a full NRL pre-season with the Titans.

"Coming in to this year (2020), I just wanted to make the 17 so now I need to upskill that to making that 7 jersey my own.

"I don't want to have one good game and then two or three average or poor games ... a bit of consistency within my own game will help out the team."

As a team, Fogarty says the halves group is working together to make sure whoever is named in the six and seven jersey are ready to lead the team around the park.

"At the moment, me, Tanah (Boyd) and Toby Sexton are training together and we're trying to communicate as much as possible and share our ideas and share what we're thinking," Fogarty said.

"Obviously Ash (Taylor) would be in the group as well but he is in rehab (after hip and wrist surgery), so once he comes back then the four of us can put our ideas together ... the more we can communicate the better it will be for the team."

"If we can knuckle down now, hopefully in rounds one to three those simple fundamental skills are up to scratch."

Fogarty says the group are leaning on Coach Justin Holbrook, himself a former number seven, to grow their games.

"Justo (Holbrook) is a half as well, so on the days where we don't have so much running we are doing a bit of kicking and he is trying to give us a bit of time to get our connection with the ball and our drop right.

"At the moment he is slowly putting feedback into us.

"That starts with kicking and then our catch-pass and being silky with out skills so he is slowly working his magic in there I guess."