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The constant speculation about player signings and who might and mightn't be coming to the Titans is actually a good thing according to Kevin Proctor.

The second rower says while rumours around recruitment don't distract the playing group, the fact the Club has been linked to representative players shows that people are taking notice of what is building on the Coast.

"I think the difference between this year and other years is people want to come here and want to play at the Gold Coast," Proctor said.

"I think it is exciting to be part of this group and what Justin and the two Jimmy's are building.

"This is my 14th year and I'm still excited.

"It's exciting that players actually want to come here and be part of this group."

Proctor says he is relishing a senior role amongst the forward pack, but says he isn't focused on the 2021 captaincy at this point.

"You never really expect anything to happen," he said.

"It's totally up to the Coaches, the board members and the Club as to which way they want it to go.

"I'll put my hand up again obviously, but I haven't really given that too much though."

Proctor says the group isn't reliant on one player, with plenty of players showing leadership qualities.

"You've got guys like Beau Fermor and Sam Stone, exciting young kids, Tanah Boyd, Mitch Rein and Erin Clark they are all good leaders for the Club," he said.

"Even Anthony Don with the outside backs, he works really closely with them as well.

"There are different leaders in different positions and different ways, but everyone is doing a really good job and they're excited to be back at training."