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Wagga Wagga isn't traditionally Titans territory, but if Jaimin Jolliffe has his way he will convert some of the town's NRL supporters into Gold Coast fans.

Back in his home town in regional New South Wales for Christmas, Jolliffe says there is plenty of interest in how the Titans will go in 2021.

"There's a lot of footy talk," Jolliffe says.

"People want to know what's going on up here which is good.

"People from Wagga, they support all different clubs but if we can get more and more following the Titans I'll be happy.

"They're always asking what's (Justin) Holbrook like, how's the team going and a lot of people are saying gee you finished the season well last year with five straight, what do you need to do next year?

"It's really positive chat."

The town, which has produced athletes like the Mortimer's in the NRL, test cricketers Michael Slater and Mark Taylor and AFL great Wayne Carey, is actively following the journey of Jolliffe who made his NRL debut in 2020.

Wagga Wagga will host an NRL game between the Canberra Raiders and Newcastle Knights in 2021, with Jolliffe hoping the Titans might get that fixture in future seasons.

"I'd love that (playing in Wagga)," he said.

"There was one game there last year or the year before, but if I could get back there and play in front of friends and family that'd be unreal."

Joining the Gold Coast on a train and trial contract, the 24-year-old made 16 appearances and established himself in the Titans team.

He says despite now having his long-term NRL future secured, his pre-season focus hasn't changed.

"Last year my goal was to get into the squad, but this year I'm looking to cement a spot in the team," he said.

"You approach it all the same, but maybe mindset wise I'm here now but you can't get comfortable and you've got to keep pushing yourself.

"I feel really fit at the moment, I'm carrying good body weight as well.

"My goal is to play round one, there is a lot of good competition here, so nothing it guaranteed."

One of those he will be competing with for a spot in the Titans front-row is his housemate Jai Whitbread.

"We leave the footy stuff here, when we go home it's all friendly stuff but when we come in here it's competition," Jolliffe laughs.

"We're always in each others ear and trying to help each other out, there's a bit of banter every now and again but when we go home we leave the footy chat here."