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Holbrook:  If you want to compete in sport you've got be expecting to win

"I think expectation is good for us and I think it is good for our club to have that expectation on us."

Titans Head coach Justin Holbrook is welcoming the extra scrutiny (and support) for the Titans in 2021 and believes it can drive higher standards for the club.

"We need to handle it (expectation)...if you want to compete in sport you've got be expecting to win and that's what the good teams do and it's good for our area in the Gold Coast," said Holbrook.

After going down to the Warriors in round 1 the Titans bounced back with a comprehensive victory over nearest rivals, the Brisbane Broncos.

Speaking to ABC Grandstand Rugby League the Titans Coach spoke about the tough first round match and how that momentum turned the Titans way against the Broncos.

"I think Round 1 was a really tough game for us and against the Broncos we hung in there for longer," Holbrook said.

"In round 1 there wasn't a point scored in the game for the first 20, 25 minutes and then the Warriors scored,  whereas against the Broncos, it was similar, but we were the ones to score first and then put on a good ten minutes late in the first half.

"You notice that now with the momentum of the game, sometimes it suits you and sometimes it doesn't."

Asked about the effect of the faster game in 2021 on the big men, Holbrook said it was on them to lift.

"We try to get them to be able to work harder for longer periods of time, because we know the ball is in play for longer now," Holbrook said.

"We have got to adapt to that and the blokes who have to deal with that the best is the big blokes in the middle of the park, so it's about getting them to push themselves to be able to do that.

"Every side has had a long pre-season and think they are the fittest in the comp but I think it is good for the game (the ball being in play longer) that the game keeps rolling."

The increased interest on the Titans has come on the back of some high-profile recruits, and a strong finish to 2020, and Holbrook believes new players lift all players around them as well.

"What it (the recruits) has done is it has created competition for spots, which lifts everyone's level," Holbrook said.

"It's mixed thoughts as a coach, you want to fit everyone in and everyone has trained well so we want to reward them, but we can't fit them all in for the early rounds.

"Every club needs depth and those players that missed out will be called upon and we need them to do a job when that time comes."