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Don looking for even more after record performance last round

Despite piling on the most points in Titans history (44) in round three against the Cowboys, winger Anthony Don says it wasn’t the best performance.

The most experienced player on the Gold Coast list says it was good to get the win and great that the team scored plenty of points, but he says it doesn’t rank among his favourite team performances at the Club.

“It was a good game for us but I don't think it was one of the best I've been a part of,” Don said.

"Defensively we made a few errors, me personally and on the other edge as well.

"They could have scored a number of tries on us quite easily and in attack we didn't complete too highly in the first half so although we put a big score on them I think there is a lot of improvement from that match.

"After round one I think everyone in the Club and our team had a bit of a confidence hit after we got beaten by the Warriors but it's great to bounce back with two wins on the trot against the Broncos and Cowboys and to score a lot of points in the Cowboys game was really good as well.

"The team is feeling really good at the moment but we know we've got a tough challenge this week against the Raiders so we're looking forward to that.”

Having been at the Club since 2013, Don has seen plenty of quality players pull on the Titans jersey but believes that this group is the most exciting that he has been a part of.

"It's a really young team, it's an up and coming team and it's a team that is getting better as we go on,” he said.

"It's nothing like a team I've played before with here in the past.

”It's a team that I think is going to improve as the season goes and I'm really looking forward to playing a role in the team as much as I can.

"Back in the day we had players like Luke Bailey, Nate Myles, Greg Bird but it is a different feel as they were more in the back end of their careers when they were at the Titans but at the moment all of our big stars are young in AJ (Brimson), David (Fifita) and Tino (Fa'asuamaleaui).

“It is a really good feeling at the moment and we're looking forward to see what we can do in the next month or so.”

The 33-year-old says the young talent doesn’t surprise him as he sees what they can do on a daily basis at training.

"I've trained with AJ for four or five years now so I'm fully aware of what he can do on the field,” Don said.

“Watching David and Tino come into the squad and finally out on the paddock and actually playing with them it's an impressive sight.

"Seeing big Dave cause so much damage on that left edge of the field, he just puts their defensive structures in dissaray with his bumps and carries and Tino in the middle he has such a strong carry with the ball and he hits so hard in defence so it's been great standing out on the wing and watching those guys go at it for sure.”

While acknowledging the role the younger players have had on the energy in the team, Don also called out fellow winger Corey Thompson for his start to 2021.

"He's started the season so strong and you could tell from the pre-season,” he said.

"He's probably been our most consistent player this year so far, he has had three high quality games.

"He's had an amazing start to the year and hopefully Corey can keep improving.

"The more energy individuals can show for the team, it helps the team in a positive way.  If everyone is playing with high energy and high tempo and giving their best then we are going to be a hardteam to beat and Corey is a perfect example of how to do that at the moment.”