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Esan Marsters has landed on the Gold Coast and he is excited about becoming a Titan.

The mid-season recruit joins the club from the North Queensland Cowboys, signing a contract through until the end of the 2022 season.

He spoke with to introduce himself to the Titans Legion before officially pulling on the Gold Coast Jersey.

Esan, welcome to the Gold Coast.

Thankyou, I'm really excited to be here.

Are you an E-san or E-sarn?

I'm an E-san.

Take us back to the beginning, where does the Esan Marsters story start?

I grew up in Auckland in Blockhouse Bay.  I didn't play rugby league until I was like 14 and then I followed my friends around.  I played at my junior club Mt Albert over there.  I made my way over when I was 17 to Australia to try and make it and try and get a contract and I ended up getting picked up by the Tigers.  I ended up playing first grade there but it was a bit of a ride for me.

You're only a day into your time at the Titans, what's been your initial feeling after arriving?

The boys have been welcoming and I'm happy to be here.  I think just moving here and meeting the staff and all the boys has been really nice.  The footy here and the way the team plays is really exciting.  I know they've had a couple of tough losses but they'll bounce back this week with a strong performance. 

Corey Thompson and Sam McIntyre are former Tigers players, has it helped seeing some familiar faces on your arrival?

I know a few of the guys, Cozza (Corey Thompson) was one of my best mates at the Tigers and Sam (McIntyre) too.  Seeing those guys here and how they're going it has given me the edge to come here and play.  There's a lot of young guys here, which is good because I'm pretty young myself, but it is good to be around guys that are excited to play each week.

How do you describe yourself as a person and as a footballer?

Outside of footy, I think I'm a pretty nice person and pretty down to earth.  I love a chat so if you're out there come and have a chat. Footy wise, I want to be able to come here and do my job as a player and play some really good footy and be consistent. I want to be that player that people want to play with.  I'm just really excited because the group that we have here are young, willing to learn and that'll help with my footy as well.

Are you purely a centre or are there other positions you can play?

I played backrow when I was in the younger grades and halves when I was younger, so I can play pretty much anywhere.  Wherever the coach puts me, I'll do my best.  Whether it is in the middle, on the edge or on the wing, I'll do my job for the team.