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Wallace gives insight into Titans mentality

Titans forward Jarrod Wallace has given a superb insight into the culture shift at the club, speaking with former Origin Coach Laurie Daley and former Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke on the Big Sports Breakfast.

Wallace says the mentality has shifted from expecting to lose hard games to expecting to win every game played.

He says there's a simple reason - the players are enjoying their footy.

"There is never a game anymore when I think this is going to be a tough one and I don't know how we are going to win this," Wallace said.

"It's always thinking we are going to score points, we are going to work hard and we just have to keep building that.

"When you are happy and you're loving football and you're loving life off the field, that's when you start winning and it starts compounding.

"The last few years it has been a hard grind and as an older player it's been hard to see young guys really struggle with not getting wins on the park.

"Even myself, I'm loving footy and I'm loving being at training around the boys."

After snapping a three-game losing run with a victory against the Wests Tigers in Campbelltown in round nine, Wallace says the team knows that one win won't mask the areas that need improving.

"The last three weeks it has been hard because there has been a lot of effort and a lot of good things but to not get the wins has been disheartening.

"To go down and play the Tigers in Campbelltown is always a tough game so to get the win is good.

"We can score points from anywhere on the field as you can see but we are just leaking too many points.

"Guys are working hard and are turning up to work hard in defence but we aren't doing it connected as 13 men.

"We are getting one out and we are losing the ruck and we need to be more connected.

"We need to get that hard grind mentality back and I think that is our focus at the moment."

Pushed to go into more detail about how you build that 'grind mentality', Wallace said it was about continued effort.

"It's going to happen, you're going to lose tackles and you're never going to be perfect because the game is too fast and guys are too big and strong and smart for a team to win every ruck every time," he said.

"If you lose one (ruck), you need to win the next one.

"You need to have three men in the tackle or work as a team to tighten right up if you can see the ruck getting loose and make sure you win the next one and change the momentum.

"You can have all the ball for five or ten minutes but then it is going to change and you've got to be ready for that change.

"If you lose one (ruck), you can't compound that with a second one or a third one because guys are too big and fast and teams can score points from anywhere."

While keen to focus on defence, Wallace was happy to talk about his role in the Titans length-of-the-field try against the Tigers.

The prop received the ball from the kick-off and instead of making contact with the defensive line, he spun the ball to AJ Brimson who found space.

"It saves my body from getting bashed," he laughed.

"It's never pre-meditated but we've obviously got it up the sleeve if we need it.

"It's just one of those things, if they (the defence) want to stack up one side there is obviously going to be space on the field on the other side.

"It saves me from getting dominated and getting a slow play the ball because I've been bashed by four or five guys (off the kick return), so we just play footy and that's what Justin has given us the confidence to do.

"It's just play footy when we see it and it's not a high risk pass or high risk footy but it is getting the ball to our fastest player on the field (in space).

"Big Tino (Fa'asuamaleaui) blew up at me on the weekend and he reckons he could have gone straight through a hole but I said to him mate if it is you or AJ, I'm giving it to AJ everyday of the week," Wallace joked.

The Titans face a Magic Round challenge against the table-topping Penrith side and Wallace says the Titans are ready to topple the Panthers.

"I definitely think if there is any team in the comp at the moment, I think that we are one to be able to beat them.

"If we can really focus on our defence, our attack will sort itself because we can score points from anywhere and we're so connected in that sense but we need to make sure we are working for each other."