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Jaimin Jolliffe talks like he plays.

There's no nonsense, no excuses and he'll tell you straight how things are going.

He knows that there has been a lot of talk about the Titans defence after recent losses, but rather than shirking the conversation he wants people to know that the players are working hard to fix it.

"To be honest it all comes back to us and our attitudes towards defence," Jollife told media this week.

"We haven't been good enough for the past six weeks.

"We've had some tough conversations but the time for talking is over.

"We want to turn it around and we really want to play finals football this year and the way we are defending at the moment is not good enough.

"We know where we are going wrong.

"We're not bouncing as a team, we're not getting good contact and we're not winning the wrestle.

"We do all of the training and we rip in together and we train hard but we're not taking that on to the field so maybe it is an attitude thing.

"We have one of the best defensive coaches in the comp in Jim Dymock and he gives us all the information we need and he shows us the techniques but we're just not taking that onto the field and I think that is a mental thing.

"It comes back on the players, we've spoken about it and we just need to put it into practice.

"If you want to attack well you really need to defend well and your attack comes off the back of that.

"We'll really narrow the focus, Melbourne are a big strong pack on the weekend and I think defensively we really need to be there to be able to compete with them."

After making his debut at the start of last season, Jollife now has 28 NRL games under his belt and says he's ready for the challenge this weekend with the Titans missing Origin forwards Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, Moeaki Fotuaika and David Fifita from their side.

Coming off the bench in every game so far this season, Jolliffe will get his chance to start against the Storm in the match on the Sunshine Coast.

"To be honest nothing really changes (whether starting or coming off the bench).

"We've got our defensive principals and whether you're starting or coming off the bench you just need to do your job.

"That'll be my focus ... to bring the line speed, energy, that contact and to try and slow the ruck to give ourselves the best chance we can to compete with them.

"If I do get more minutes, I'll happily take them.

"That sort of style suits me, longer minutes, I like to get into the grind."