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Titans games: who is the strongest in the squad?

While some of the world's fittest, fastest and strongest athletes are testing themselves at the Tokyo Olympics, we've taken the chance to look at our own record breakers.

Over the next week to coincide with the Tokyo games, Gold Coast High Performance Manager Klint Hoare will break down some of the Titans best performers in the gym and on the training paddock.

We start with a look at the strongest.

The strongest doesn't necessarily mean the player who can lift the heaviest weight as Hoare explains.

"Within strength testing, the Titans look at relative strength," he said.

"That means we will look at the load relative to the players bodyweight.

"Our key lifts this year are bench press, bench pull, squad and deadlift."


Bench press

Gold Medallists:  Tanah Boyd and Greg Marzhew

The half and the winger top the charts, with both able to bench press 1.8 times their body weight.

Greg Marzhew Bench Press

Bench pull

Gold Medallists:  Patrick Herbert and Jamal Fogarty

It's the centre and our co-captain who top the list when it comes to the bench pull.  Both can pull 1.4 times their body weight.


Gold medallists:  Tanah Boyd & Patrick Herbert

Both Tanah and Patrick feature for the second time.  They can both lift 2.6 times their own body weight.


Gold medallists:  Jamal Fogarty

Silver medallists:  Moeaki Fotuaika and Corey Thompson

Jamal tops the squats, with the halfback able to move 2.1 times his bodyweight.  Moeaki Fotuaika and Corey Thompson are hot on his heels, with both lifting 2 times their bodyweight.

Who do you think would be the fittest?  Who will come out on top as the fastest?  We'll look at more categories as the games roll on.