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"We're alive, we're playing finals footy and we're happy about it"

"We've wanted to play finals from the start of the year and we're in there now.

"We're alive, we're playing finals and we're happy about it."

Titans Coach Justin Holbrook says everyone at the club is embracing a return to finals football, but are determined to ensure it continues beyond this weekend.

The Titans will play the Sydney Roosters in an elimination final in Townsville on Saturday night.

Coaches Last Words - Finals

"We did enough to get into the eight and now we just have to be better for 80 minute than the Roosters," Holbrook said.

In front of a huge crowd of Titans Members for the club's Captain's Run, Holbrook says the local support has been immense.

With finals qualification going down to the last round, Holbrook says his side has learnt plenty of lessons that can be applied to a pressure scenario game like finals.

"We've been playing to try and win, obviously, the last five games," Holbrook said.

 "We haven't always got there. The Newcastle one was a good example. We learned a lot out of that.

"A lot of little moments in the game that we didn't handle great, we fell just short and we obviously went a long way rectifying that last week.

"We've got to do it again. We're really confident.

"We know it's going to be hard, that's why you're in the finals, but we want that and we're confident if we play well we can win tomorrow night. That's all we can ask."

Prior to moving to England (and then the Titans), Holbrook worked as an assistant coach for the Sydney Roosters under their head coach Trent Robinson.

"I learnt a lot off Trent. He's such an intelligent guy and knows how much information the players need to get which is a tricky point for a lot of coaches," Holbrook said.

"You can try and overload players with information and Trent as a coach takes a lot of information in but doesn't give a lot out. I learned that was probably a really good point and trait.

"He's done such a good job for such a number of years and that's why, with the players they've had out, they haven't really missed a beat.

"I've got a lot to thank from Trent but obviously I'll do my best to beat him tomorrow night."

The coach's final message before kick-off tomorrow shows how much he knows that the team is playing to make the whole of the Gold Coast proud.

"We need everyone behind us and we need the support and we've got to play well to give people a reason to support."