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FAN VOTE: 2021 Titans Try of the Year

The Gold Coast Titans scored 108 tries in season 2021, vote now to let us know which try you think is best!

Check out the finalists for 2021 Try of the Year below:

Try of the Year Contender - Round 21 vs Cowboys

Beau Fermor pulls off a magic behind-the-back flick pass to Brian Kelly who scores on the left side of the field.

Fan Try of the Year - Moeaki Fotuaika

Patrick Herbert kicks infield for a charging Moeaki Fotuaika who beats the defenders to the ball for a try next to the uprights.

Titans Try of the Year Contender: Round 5 vs Knights

AJ Brimson runs the length of the field and passes for Patrick Herbert to cross over the line.

Titans Try of the Year Contender: Round 21

A full team effort with a little soccer action from Thompson to Ash Taylor chasing through for the try.

Try of the Year Contender: Round 9 vs Tigers

Off the kick-off, Brimson slices through the Tigers defence with a quick pass to Tyrone Peachey who finishes it off with a 50m run to the try line.

TOTY: Round 7 – Titans v Rabbitohs

A strong team effort starting with a bullet pass from Ash Taylor to Corey Thompson who then breaks through the Rabbitohs defence to run 70 metres. Jamal Fogarty finishes it off with the Titans going coast to coast.