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There'll be two Fa'asuamaleaui's in Titans colours this Gold Coast summer, with Iszac joining big brother Tino for pre-season.

Part of the Junior Titans Squad, Iszac has spent time working in the Titans office across the Community and Game Development parts of the business as he has continued to develop his game over the last season.

Now, he'll be alongside his brother, as he gets his crack at an NRL pre-season.

The younger Fa'asuamaleaui sat with Titans winger Corey Thompson for a chat after his first week of pre-season training.

CT: I'm with the better half of the brothers, Iszac is going to tell us a bit about himself...

IF:  I was born in Brissy and I moved down at one-year-old to a place called Widgee near Gympie.  I grew up there and played my junior footy at Gympie Junior Rugby League.  I played there until I was 16 and then I moved down to Melbourne when Tino was down there.  I did a bit of footy and lost some weight, I was a big boy back then, and now I'm back here on the Coast and I'm loving life here.

CT:  Being your first pre-season with the Titans, how are you finding it?

IF:  It's been good.  Having a brother in the system already gives you a bit of knowledge on what is to expect and the standards being set here.  Pre-season has been good so far but it is only one week in.  It hasn't been full days yet, but it has been good.

CT:  Obviously Tino is here as well, but once all of the other boys start arriving back is there anyone else you're looking forward to training alongside or learning from?

IF:  There's this fella called Corey Thompson (laughs).  No, but being a forward it's probably Moe (Fotuaika).  He is such a hard worker on the field and if I can base my game off him it'll be good for myself and hopefully I'll become the best player I can be.

CT:  I've heard a bit of noise about this, but can you tell us what your 1.2km time trial test was?

IF:  It was alright.  I got four minutes 44, I was pretty happy with it.

CT:  I know there are a lot of backs including Phil Sami that will be worried about that time...

IF:  I just want to beat Tino that's it (laughs).

CT:  You've been a part of the club for the last six to twelve months behind the scenes and working with the community and visiting schools.  Can you tell us how you felt and doing that traineeship work?

IF:  For me working in the community and in game development it has been a humbling experience.  You go to schools where people are less fortunate and don't have the luxury that we've got so for me it is a humbling experience.  I'm growing as a person when I go out to the schools and visit the community.

CT:  Can you tell us a bit about you and your brother, you are both professional athletes now, but growing up as kids were you competitive?  Did you always want to beat him in games? 

IF:  Growing up me and Tino have always been pretty competitive.  We always like to challenge ourselves and challenge each other.  Growing up he used to get the win over me, he was cheating (laughs), but nah it's been good and we're always competitive.

CT:  I know all of the boys are looking forward to finally getting to play with the better of the brothers and we know Tino is just keeping your jersey warm.  I'm sure you'll play alongside him one day and it'll be a dream come true.

IF:  Hopefully I get the chance to put the jersey on one day.  Tino has got up on me at the moment but hopefully one day I can be running out onto the field with him.