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Pre-Season Update: Big Dogs Barking

"The 'big dogs' are back!"

With those words, Titans High Performance Manager Klinton Hoare confirmed the full Titans playing squad was back and ripping into pre-season 2022.

It isn't all fun and games though with a heavy focus on fitness in the early part of the season.

"They are excited (the boys), excited to get the job done," Hoare said.

"As we go towards Christmas we will start to ramp up volume and intensity and the intent around our fitness, but we have got the ball in hand as well.

"That is really important here at the Titans - making sure we have the ball in hand and a lot of our conditioning coming from rugby league drills, rugby league skills drills and small-sided games."

How players return from pre-season can have a big impact on how quickly a team can get up to speed and Hoare says the Titans have come back in good shape and ready to rip in.

"During the off-season there is a thing we call a 'floor' and a 'ceiling' and you don't want your squad getting to the floor of their fitness, but they have all come back in really good condition," Hoare said.

"That makes it easier as a staff and coaches to be able to ramp it up quicker than we would normally and it has been really good to see.

"We have some really good returns - Phil Sami looks fantastic and AJ Brimson.

"Our big boppers, like Tino Fa'asuamaleaui are in good condition, and Moeaki Fotuaika always impresses.

"It is exciting times. Players like Sam McIntyre have all come back better than where we need them, which is great."

Even those that had reason to let go in the off-season have come back in tip-top shape, with Beau Fermor winning the fitness drills despite a jam-packed off-season.

"Beau Fermor has been married, had a honeymoon and we allowed him to have some downtime but apparently he trained on his honeymoon so he has come back in great nick," Hoare said.