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Pre-season by the numbers

Pre-season lays the foundation for the year ahead. It’s about building – building muscle, building speed, building skill, and building partnerships.

It’s a 15-week block designed by the Titans High Performance team that builds the returning players into Elite Athletes before they hit the NRL field.

Do you think you have what it takes to complete Titans Pre-season? Check out the numbers below!

Kilometres Run

Each player will run 370km this pre-season – that’s nearly 9 full marathons!

A combination of sprints, maximal aerobic efforts and intervals, players will run the equivalent of 3700 football fields.

Player Total – 370km

Team Total – 14,800km… that’s like running from the Gold Coast to Canada!

Field Sessions

Across the 15-week pre-season, players will do 60 field sessions.

Field work is sessions that focus on ball work, positional work, set plays and team skills. This is the Rugby League specific training.

Gym Sessions

In addition to the 60 field sessions, players will sweat it out in the gym for a huge 60 muscle-building sessions.

Broken up into strength and power days, each player will have pre-season targets set by the High-Performance coaching staff to ensure they’re on track.

Technical Sessions

Next up is the technical training – tackling, wrestling, boxing, and skills.

Over the next few months, players will do 72 sessions off the training field with specialist coaches to improve in these areas of the modern game. Here’s the breakdown:

30 tackling sessions with a defensive coach

12 boxing sessions working on their cardio and conditioning

30 additional skill seasons breaking down areas of improvement and growth.

Ice Baths

To be an NRL player you need to get used to the cold.

Players will have an ice bath every day after training to help with recovery. That’s 60 ice baths for a total of 2,400 this pre-season… that’s a lot of ice!

Recovery Sessions

In addition to ice baths, players will do 120 different recovery sessions each consisting of water immersion, mobility, hot/cold contrast, recovery boot sessions, and countless physiotherapy sessions to keep them fit and healthy.


Each player will jump on the massage table at least 12 times this pre-season. That’s over 450 massages for the squad!

To put that into perspective, that’s nearly 19 straight days of deep tissue massage designed to reduce muscle soreness post training.

Meals Eaten

To play hard you’ve gotta eat hard! To fuel their high intensity training, players will be given 60 main meals post training across pre-season.

Outside of training, meals will vary based on the individual nutrition goals set by the team Nutritionist.

The average player will eat a hunger-taming 470 meals across the 15 weeks of pre-season.

Some players may eat up to 6 meals a day during this period… that’s 630 protein-packed meals!

Rolls of Tape

Too many to count (believe me we tried!).

Overall Totals

Total Training Sessions

Player Total – 192

Team Total – 7,680

Total Recovery Sessions

Player Total – 192

Team Total – 7,680

Total Meals

Player Average - 470

Team Total – 18,900


So there you have it, the mountain of training and work that lies ahead of our players before the 2022 season!

Do you think you have what is takes to complete a Titans Pre-season?