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Marzhew fitter than ever as he targets big '22

We know he is strong.  We know he is fast.  And we know he can bust tackles and create havoc with the ball in hand.

What we also know, and what should excite Titans fans heading into 2022, is Greg Marzhew says he is the fittest he has ever been.

After making his NRL debut this season, Marzhew played eight games, averaging 185 running metres.

Now he has had a taste, he wants to take his game to another level.

"I wouldn't say I'm the fittest (in the squad) but I'm a lot fitter than I have been in the past," Marzhew said.

"Hopefully I can transfer that to the field next year.

Greg Marzhew Media

"We've just been doing a lot of running and just the usual trying to get everyone fit and going.

"There are good vibes around the Club with all of the young fellas too."

After stringing together some good performances for the Burleigh Bears, Marzhew made his NRL debut against the Melbourne Storm.

He says it was a five year journey to make his first grade debut and after missing the last few games of the season, he's determined to try and lock up a spot in the starting side for round one.

"At the back end of the season I didn't get to pull the boots on and go out there with the boys so it's just pushing me a bit more to try and get that spot next year," he said.

"We didn't have COVID take away Q-Cup this year, so I was able to put the boots on and get some games to show the coaches that I could get that spot.

"It was five years of doing that and I think you get used to it, but you just keep pushing.

"It is a different hunger now, I've got a taste of what it is like and I'm just going to be pushing really hard for that spot."

The Titans have a host of exciting outside backs, with Marzhew joining Corey Thompson, Brian Kelly, Esan Marsters, Phillip Sami, Patrick Herbert, Alofiana Khan-Periera and Jojo Fifita as players in the mix for the centre and wing positions.

"It's exciting because we've got a lot of players going for the same position," Marzhew said.

"It gives you that friendly competition in the club."

Marzhew picked up a small injury this week, but says it won't keep him off the field for long.

"I picked up a bit of a niggle yesterday with my patella playing up a bit but hopefully it doesn't set me back because like I said my fitness is at its peak compared to the last few years.

"I should be good, it's just a bit of tightness around the knee so hopefully I can loosen those muscles up and get back in there with the boys hopefully next week or late this week."