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Kelly confident of return to medal winning form

Brian Kelly's 2020 season was stellar.

The centre claimed the Paul Broughton medal in what was a career best year on-field.

2021 by his own admission was frustrating, with injuries early in the season hampering his ability to play at his best.

Now back at full fitness, the 25-year-old is determined to return to his peak to begin the 2022 season.

"I didn't start last season off the best that I could," Kelly said.

"I had an injury and it took a few weeks to get back into the swing of things.

"Half-way through the season I was getting back into my better form but now I'm back into pre-season and trying to get as fit and strong as I can."

At his best, Kelly is one of the first players picked in the Titans back-line.

He says he knows he can't be complacent though, with a host of talented young players now fighting to claim a spot in the side.

"There's a lot of competitive players in the team and we're fighting for positions and that makes the team better," Kelly said.

"I think it was 2019 that I first came here (to the Titans) and there wasn't as many backs.

"Now we've got the likes of Esan (Marsters) and other outside backs and centres to challenge for each spot.

"It makes us work harder and get better as a unit."

Kelly says it is a mix of speed and power that has him excited by the young group that is challenging the current players for positions.

"We do a couple of speed tests and to see the young fellas like Lofi (Khan-Pereira), AJ (Brimson) and Jojo (Fifita) who is a former sprinter ... the power and acceleration they bring and seeing them enjoying pre-season is exciting.

"I'm not the fastest in the whole squad but I just try and do my best."

The Titans released their 2030 roadmap, which among a number of focus areas, called out two NRL premierships by the end of the decade.

Kelly says the playing group are comfortable with that target, as they can all feel what is building on the Coast.

"I feel like the culture since I've started back, we've all come back to training much better nick then we were last year.

"It's exciting times for the future and the club off-field, there is just so much development.

"It's looking exciting for the next couple of years on the Gold Coast."