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Gold Training is not only the company that sits neatly on the front of the jerseys of our under-20s, they are contributing to the education and understand of several Titans players when it comes to the needs of Australian youth.

Greg Bird, Agnatius Paasi and Kierran Moseley have several joined under-20s players like Kurt Bernard, Greg Leleisiuao and Josh Ralph in undergoing a Certificate IV in Youth Work through Gold Training who have offered the course to players at all three Queensland NRL clubs.

Even if they don’t go into the youth work area, it has certainly given them a far better understanding of the challenges that confront young people, including many of their own who come into the NRL ranks, and qualifies them to provide guidance to the many who see them as heroes and role models.

Gold Training’s sports development program manager Jeff Vaughan says:

"We are delighted to be working with the Titans. Our youth works course is giving these young men the skills to grow into the future leaders of our community.

“The group are highly engaged and excited about the opportunities that a qualification like this offers.

“Gold Training admires the commitment and passion of these young men. We understand the demands of balancing playing and training commitments and have provided them with the support they need to successfully complete the course.

“It is an honour to be working with the Titans to develop their young leaders of the future.”

Bird, closer to the end of his playing career than his classmate-teammates, has been impressed with the course and what it has to offer.

“They are always looking for help in that sector I’m looking at doing some volunteering in that area after doing the certificate,” he said.

“It’s only going to get harder for some young people as we regularly go out into the community and meet some youth who need some help.

“I’m not looking to do it professionally but it is something I want to put some time into and help me understand better some of the issues youth of today face.”

Tomorrow: Josh Ralph gives an insight into his challenges and how Gold Training have helped.