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The Junior Reps sides had a difficult week in Round 3 with all four teams going down in their matches. 


CAPRAS 28 (Soki 2, Atoi, Condon Tries; Curtis 4 Goals) defeated BURLEIGH 20 (Hori-Clark 2, Stowers, Kapea Tries; Boomer 2 Goals)

MUSTANGS 34 (Perry, Chalmers, Diment, Murray, Paix, Turnbull Tries; Paix 5 Goals) defeated SEAGULLS 18 (Campbell, Barker, Lee Tries; Rio 3 Goals)


CAPRAS 24 (Reid, Norris, Flintham, Crough Tries; O'Dell 2, Grant 1 Goals) defeated BURLEIGH 20 (McCullough, Yorston, Siaosi, Blankett Tries; Hartwig 2 Goals)

MUSTANGS 20 (Naimana, Shelswell Kuhn Tries; Pegler 2, Kuhn 1 Goals) defeated SEAGULLS 16 (Ingram, Gleeson, Lisati Tries; Gill 2 Goals)

Round 4

Tweed Seagulls have the BYE

Burleigh Bears play Souths Logan at home on Saturday.