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NRL and RLPA aligned on player pay talks

The National Rugby League and the Rugby League Players’ Association have taken a united first step in resolving the issue of the financial impact of the current season suspension will have on players. 

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg and RLPA CEO Clint Newton met today, together with a group of senior players and Club executives, to begin talks regarding the players’ share in the decreased revenue while the competition is suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

In a strong show of unity, both Mr Greenberg and Mr Newton described the morning’s two-hour talks as “aligned, productive and collaborative”. 

Mr Greenberg said: “The conversations we started today are intended to resolve as quickly as possible what the current no-games situation means for players.  We are trying to map out what is next in unbelievably difficult circumstances.  

“To do this, we need to be transparent and honest, combined with the trust and confidence of the players.  This means we will have hard conversations now, for the future good of the game. The NRL and the players are absolutely aligned in our desire to ensure the game gets through this crisis.”

The RLPA’s Mr Newton agreed the talks were productive and said he was committed to protecting the well-being of players and the game. 

“The meeting provided the RLPA with further information regarding the financial status of the game,” Mr Newton said.

“These are clearly difficult times but we are determined to get through this together. We will always look after our people and ensuring the appropriate support is available moving forward is key. The NRL has our trust, and we are committed to working with them to achieve the most realistic outcome for our players in these challenging and uncertain times.

“Togetherness and unity across all stakeholders will be paramount in achieving the best outcomes for the future of the game."

Agreement on player payment conditions is expected to be reached by end of week.