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The Titans Together team have continued their hard work and with the support of Coastal Fresh, Coca-Cola Amatil, Body Science and Techniche ANZ they have today made a sizable donation of much needed goods to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

Halfback Ash Taylor joined members from the Titans Together team to deliver ice vests, Powerade and compression garments so the nurses and doctors can be comfortable throughout their shifts.   

“We’ve come here today to make a donation to the doctors and nurses working in the COVID-19 clinic,” Taylor said.  

“They’ve shown me what is happening here behind the scenes and the ice vests will definitely help them during their work.

“They’re doing a great job. I’m proud of the work they’ve been doing through this period and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing work they are doing.

Dr Dinesh Palipana is working on the frontline at the Gold Coast University Hospital and knows that both the ice vests and Powerade will assist greatly in keeping the nurses fit and healthy for work in what are very difficult conditions.

“We found that the nurses in the intensive care unit are getting very hot when they were dealing with the COVID-19 patients,” Dr Palipana said.

“The reason for that is because of all the personal protective equipment (PPE) they are wearing to prevent infection.

“The ice vests keep them cool and the Powerade keeps them hydrated.”

To find out more about Titans Together and to donate, click here. 

Techniche ANZ Director Maryanne Brandon applauded the work being done in our hospitals.

“The Doctors and nurses are doing such a wonderful job,” she said.

“They are working in that hot PPE gear day in, day out and we know that our ice vest product will assist them during their shifts.”

The message is simple when it comes to getting through this pandemic and Taylor today delivered it clearly.

“Stay at home. Listen to the Queensland Government messages!” Taylor added.

Palipana also had a message for everyone in the Gold Coast community.

“It is so heartening to be in this position at the moment, especially when we see a lot of the world struggling with COVID-19,” he said.

“A large part of that is because the community has played its’ part. Following the rules outside lets us look after you inside.”

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation CEO Benjamin Cox was pleased to be on hand so take in such a wonderful donation.

“The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is here to support our community and our health workers in the fight against Covid-19,” Cox said.  

“Through partnerships with the Gold Coast Titans and donations from organisations like Coastal Fresh we have been able to source practical equipment like cooling vests to help in the fight AGAINST Covid-19.

“It is practical equipment like cooling vests that can help give our health workers the edge as they support the most vulnerable here on the Gold Coast.

“We are calling on the public to help us help in the fight against Covid-19 by funding more equipment and programs to support of Health Heroes.

“The community and business can join organisations like GC Titans and Coastal Fresh by Donating at"