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Tyrone Peachey provided the highlight that sparked a Titans second half fightback against the Warriors, but he says that is just him doing his job.

Trailing 12 points to 6 at the halftime break, a freak piece of Peachey magic where he flicked the ball back from just inside the dead-ball line to fall to team-mate Sam Stone to score was the catalyst for the Titans comeback.

“Ash kicked it and I thought it was going to be too far and I threw it back and ended up getting lucky, so it was good,” Peachey said.

Coming off the interchange bench, Peachey says it is those sorts of moments that he can add to the Titans team.

“It’s the little things that I don’t mean to do, it is just instinct but when it does come off it definitely does help the team performance overall,” he said.

“I’m in the team to add spark and if I’m not adding spark, I’m not really helping the team.”

The Titans recorded their third win of the season, with a 16-points to 12 win that Peachey says was built on defence rather than flashy attack.

“I think it was one of our best defensive games as a team in that second half,” he said.

“The coach gave us a bit of a spray at halftime and that always motivates the players.

“We just tried to assess the problem, we weren’t completing sets, so we ended up completing a lot better in the second half and it was one of the better halves we played all year.

“it’s going to be harder this week against Melbourne, so we just have to try and take that second half momentum into this game.”