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You know Anthony Don the footballer. Meet Anthony Don the dad.

 Titans v Broncos - Give the gift of footy this Father's day

This Sunday, Anthony will celebrate his first Father’s Day, albeit under the protocols that come with the NRL bubble.

Baby Frankie Rose joined the Don clan 10 months ago and Anthony’s wife Sam says their little one is already taking after the big winger.

“She’s very independent and active (10 months going on 10 years), cheeky, funny and very smiley,” Sam Don said.

“She’s happy and easily pleased just like her dad, not much upsets her.”

Sam says that while parenthood is a crazy ride, the two Don’s are loving every minute of their time with Frankie.

In her words, there are too many things to list as to why Anthony makes a great dad.

“Without him I’m not sure what I would do,” Sam said.

“He’s the calm, relaxed, level-headed person every mother needs in their house.

“He takes on any and every role he needs to in the house to make things run smoothly.

“He is as modest as they come, so he won’t be telling her stories about himself or his achievements but he loves reading to her.

“Anything with a good message and something to learn at the end is what he likes, ‘The very cranky bear’ is the current favourite book for the both of them.”

Frankie has already been to an NRL match, and with Anthony signed on at the Titans for 2021 there will be plenty more chances for her to see her dad in action.

“She cried nearly the entire game,” Sam says about Frankie’s first NRL experience.

“I can’t wait till Anthony can actually see her and play with her after the game it’s something that will be very special for the both of them.

“I think for both of them (Frankie and Anthony) their favourite part of every day is when he gets home from training or playing.”

Anthony is part of the Titans 21-man squad that will play against the Bulldogs on Saturday, but he will be home for Father’s Day on Sunday with the family planning to celebrate in full-Don style.

“I assume with the races on in celebration of Father’s Day”, Sam says about how they will spend the day.

“With the current NRL COVID restrictions we can’t leave the house together, but we know how lucky we are just to be together as a family in the current climate so we will enjoy the day together at home.”