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Middle Men in Magic matchup

The Macca's Matchup for Magic Round sees the two #8's for the Titans and the Panthers go under the microscope.

It's Jarrod Wallace against Moses Leota.

On paper, the two are having very similar seasons to date.

Both have played every game for their respective teams, and both are averaging 101 run metres per game.

Wallace has his nose slightly ahead in defence, averaging 24 tackles per game in comparison to Leota's 22.

The 29-year-old Titan is back playing some of the best football of his career.

Averaging 42 minutes of game time across the first nine rounds, Wallace has been determined to lead from the front with the Titans boasting a young but talented pack.

He's notched 10 off-loads and on top of some strong carries, and has credited a shift in the culture for his return to form.

Leota has four off-loads through the first nine games, with the 25-year-old relishing his role through the middle for the Panthers.

The new NRL rules suit the mobile forward and he's been an important figure in the Club's unbeaten run in 2021.

One stat where Leota will be trying to catch Wallace is in the try column - the Titan has crossed the line this season, while Leota is hunting his first for the year when the two sides meet.

Wallace and Leota mightn't be the magic men for their side, but they'll be the important middles should their side taste victory in Brisbane on Sunday.