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2021 Titans Signings Tracker

The NRL's final 2021 squad listings have been officially announced after last week's mid-season transfer deadline passed.

Last week Titans skipper Jamal Fogarty inked a new deal to stay at his club.

Fogarty was already locked in at the Titans for another 12 months but will remain at the club until the end of 2023, while prop Herman Ese'ese has taken up his 2022 option.

The full Titans squad list including contract lengths and player and club options is listed below.

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Player '21 '22 '23 '24 '25 '26
Tanah Boyd x x        
AJ Brimson x x x x x x
Erin Clark x x x      
Anthony Don x          
Herman Ese'ese x x        
Tino Fa'asuamaleaui x x PO      
Darius Farmer x          
Beau Fermor x x x x    
David Fifita x x x      
Sosefo Fifita x x x      
Moeaki Fotuaika x x        
Jamal Fogarty x x x      
Patrick Herbert x x x      
Jaimin Jolliffe x x x x    
Brian Kelly x x x      
Sam Lisone x x        
Isaac Liu*   x x x    
Esan Marsters x x        
Gregory Marzhew x          
Sam McIntyre x x        
Tyrone Peachey x          
Jonus Pearson x          
Kevin Proctor x CO        
Mitch Rein x          
Phillip Sami x x        
Toby Sexton x x x x    
Sam Stone x          
Ashley Taylor x          
Corey Thompson x x x      
Paul Turner*   x x      
Jarrod Wallace x x        
Jai Whitbread x