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Ironman Jolliffe looking forward to rest and then ripping in

Jaimin Jolliffe is a model of consistency on the field, playing in every Titans match in 2021.

With Jolliffe you know what you are going to get - hard work and maximum effort - and that's what he wants for the Titans in 2022.

"I am really excited (about 2022) because we have played some really good football this year - we did have some inconsistencies - but we started to nut them out towards the back end of the year," Jolliffe said.

"We will have a big pre-season into 2022 and have a similar roster plus a couple of great players coming in as well."

"I am just excited to rip in and get a few more wins on the board, play a tougher still of football and not have those up and downs of the season."

"If we can knock a few of those out we will go a long way."

With 41 games in two seasons, and a relatively young Titans side, Jolliffe is heading towards the senior player category/

"I think we have got a young playing group and still relatively inexperienced and that includes myself," he said.

"Across the board you have a look and we don't have too many veterans in the team."

Having gone the long way to get to NRL Jolliffe doesn't take his spot for granted and it shows every week in his performances and why he quickly became a favourite of Head Coach Justin Holbrook.

After strong performances for Newton, Jolliffe picked up a 'train and trial' agreement with the Titans and hasn't looked back.

But for now the Titans ironman will take a break and recharge ahead of the 2022 campaign beginning. 

"Off-season I will just be resting the body and try and recover a few of the niggling injuries.

"I was lucky enough to play every game this year so will just try and recover a little (before pre-season starts).