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Family Cheering Hipgrave To Success

Keegan Hipgrave says footy has always been a family affair.

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“I remember going to games when I was a kid with my dad and my parents and my whole family to watch the Titans play,” Hipgrave said.

“They are great memories, so to have my family now coming to watch me play in the NRL is really special.”

In Round 13 against the Cowboys, Keegan’s family filled the stand to cheer him on as the Titans defeated their northern rivals.

“I had my parents, my grandparents, my sister came from Rockhampton and my girlfriend and all of her family, so it was good we had a good little crew.”

Post-game they grabbed a photo, but it was slightly different to previous years.

“Usually I’d come up and give them a big kiss and a cuddle but now there is a gap between the fence and we had to get a stranger to take the photo.

He says his grandma is the most nervous of the Hipgrave supporters but loved being back at the footy.

“My parents come along most games but it’s sort of tough for my grandparents to come.

“They’re getting a bit older now but we wanted to make an effort for last week’s game.

“They loved it, they called me the next day and told me how excited they were, especially after the win.

“My grandma is always stressing about if I’m getting hurt, she will always call me the next day and tell me what I did wrong and what I did right and if my body is ok so I think grandma worries the most.”

With the Titans offering 2 for 1 tickets for the Round 15 home game against the Raiders, Hipgrave says it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an afternoon at the footy with activities for the whole family plus the chance to win great prizes.

“I think it is a great family atmosphere and it’s a great outing to take the kids.

“It’s awesome to see families coming along – not just our families but everyone

“With family day next week, I think it is a great opportunity to get out and watch the footy.”

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