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"I am sure for 14 year-olds that was an experience they will always remember."

Titans Elite Player Development Manager, Jamie McCormack, revealed that a group of the Gold Coast and surrounding regions most talented 14 year-olds were treated a surprise experience today, when they trained with the Titans NRL squad.

After holding their annual under 14 JTS (Junior Titans System) camp over the weekend the talented youngsters were invited by NRL Head Coach Justin Holbrook to train with the senior squad.

Initially scheduled to be held in December, heavy rainfall meant the camp was held over to January.

"We were able to bring 11 talented 14 year-olds into camp and we have spent the last two days with them. McCormack said.

"We did the regular stuff with skills and drills on the football field, spent some time with them to get to know them better.

"But the big buzz was today and the big surprise for the players was the ability to be able to train with the NRL squad today on the oval.

Titans JTS player Coby Black expressed his surprise and excitement at the opportunity to train with his heroes.

"It was a surprise, a genuine surprise. We had the first graders come in and do their training and we caught up with them and met a few of them - it was really good. Black said.

"I've always looked up to AJ (Brimson), even though I am a halfback, I have always looked up to him.

"He has got a good personality and is always up there (with people I look up to).

"And also David Fifita, he is a big unit, but a gentle giant I like to call him.

Discussing the importance of the meeting their heroes, McCormack reiterated the impact that time spent with the senior squad can have on the development players.

"First and foremost they are kids and they look up to the NRL players and they aspire to one day be an NRL player. McCormack said.

"So to come down and shake hands with David Fifita, Tino (Fa'asuamaleaui), AJ and Kevvie Proctor and all our players is a buzz for those kids.

"Hopefully it also gets them a little more connected to our club and make them feel comfortable in and around the boys that hopefully one day they may be training with.

As the kids weigh up their own footballing paths, the experience is certainly one that will stick in their memory and not always available without a supportive NRL squad.

"Justin Holbrook and the whole squad have been outstanding. McCormack said

"The moment they walked in this morning they went and introduced themselves to the JTS players.

"Full credit to the NRL squad, they are doing great things.

"There are a number of talented boys and hopefully we are going to be able to offer some of them contracts.

"Hopefully we will get the ones that want to be here - we want the boys who want to be Titans players long term.

"All these players have been in Titans Academy systems under the guidance of Kane Elgey (former NRL player).

"We are hopeful that they become full time in our JTS programs and turn into under 17s, under 19s and one day full time NRL players."

For Coby Black, the experience was once in a lifetime, but one he hopes to repeat and pay forwards in the future.

"They are very focused (Jamal Fogarty, Tanah Boyd and Ash Taylor) and at training they get straight into it and are focused immediately.

"Growing up I always supported Gold Coast because it is the home town. 

"Hopefully I am an NRL player one day helping them (the next generation) out every step of the way." Black said.