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Titans games:  who is the fittest at the club?

While some of the world's fittest, fastest and strongest athletes are testing themselves at the Tokyo Olympics, we've taken the chance to look at our own record breakers.

Over the next week to coincide with the Tokyo games, Gold Coast High Performance Manager Klint Hoare will break down some of the Titans best performers in the gym and on the training paddock.

FASTEST: Who is the fastest Titan?

STRONGEST: Who is the Strongest in the Club?

Today, we look at who claims the tag as the Titans fittest player.

Gold Medal:  Beau Fermor

"The fittest Titans tag belongs to edge backrower Beau Fermor," Hoare said.

"Throughout the off-season he not only put on staggering 6kg of lean body mass to his already 100kg frame but he managed to perform the clubs 1.2SRT (a rugby league specific shuttle run involving 1.2km of running) in a staggering 4 min 31 seconds.

"That was a new club record and places him in the elite standard for an NRL player."

Silver Medal:  Tanah Boyd

Bronze Medal:  Jamal Fogarty

"Tanah Boyd and Jamal Fogarty also sit at an elite level with both recording 4min 34 and 4 min 37 respectively," Hoare said.

Notable performances:  Toby Sexton, Mitch Rein and Jai Whitbread

"Rookie NRL player Toby Sexton is hot on their heels boasting a 4min 38 effort and not surprising to the High Performance Team is that both hooker Mitch Rein and prop Jai Whitbread make the list. 

"Due to their remarkable aerobic engines, both sit around the 4min 40 time for the 1200m shuttle run."

Taking his analysis a step further, Hoare said rugby league requires a different type of fitness and training differs to what many athletes in Tokyo would practice.

"It is hard to compare rugby league with athletic Olympic sports, however it is comparable to Olympic field sports such as 7's Rugby, Hockey, and Football," Hoare said.

"It is an intermittent sport, requiring not only a well developed aerobic capacity but  its distinguishing feature is the ability of the top players to perform high quality repeatable efforts for the full duration of a game that sets them apart. 

"Rugby League in essence is a game of short-duration efforts interspersed with brief recoveries.

"At the Titans we prepare players for the challenging contest involving frequent bouts of high-intensity activity (e.g. running and passing, sprinting, tackling), separated by short bouts of low-intensity activity (e.g. standing, walking and jogging).

"The physiological demands of rugby league are complex, requiring players to have highly developed speed, agility, muscular strength and power, and maximal aerobic power - think Tino Fa'asuamaleui, Moeaki Fotuaika, Erin Clark in the forwards and outside backs like AJ Brimson, Corey Thompson and Patrick Herbert."