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AJ Brimson has been chosen as the man to replace the recently retired Michael Gordon in the fullback position, and under the guidance of new Head Coach Justin Holbrook is confident Gold Coast Members and fans will see a very different Titans team in 2020.

Brimson admits he has had a number of individual chats with Holbrook, and with Gordon now on the Titans’ staff as Development Coach, the 21-year-old has a wealth of knowledge to digest from two men who know what they are talking about.

“I’ve found it really good so far,” Brimson said of the pre-season under Holbrook.

“He knows what he wants to do, and I’ve been working with him quite closely.

“Everyone’s confident in the work they’ve been doing.”

Holbrook has the assistance of two men in Jim Dymock and Jim Lenihan who both come from winning cultures – something Brimson can feel when talking to both men.

“They’re all winners, and we need to be confident in ourselves and turn it into results,” Brimson said of the new coaches.

“(After) coming off a year like last year, (now) everyone is laughing and we’re a really tight bunch.

“We’re ripping into the pre-season and we’re all enjoying it.”

A lot of the conversations around the Titans’ fullback spot have centred around Brimson being the No.1 choice, which has given the Centenary Panthers junior a shot of confidence.

“Nothing’s certain (for the 2020 team), but he’s (Holbrook) given me the role and told me he wants me to play fullback,” he said.

“Last year there was a bit of chopping and changing, but it’s good this year that I can train there all the time.

“I was still a little uncertain through last year, but I know now that I want to play fullback and that’s my sole focus.

“He’s going to give me a crack there and he wants me to make it my own.”